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Welcome to God’s Garden

Looking for a natural way to be healthy and live longer. Do you want a program to provide you with the basic vitamins and minerals you need.

We are working on providing you with a complete supplement program. Th first item we will provide for you is the Essential /Formula which is a multi vitamin containing all the basic vitamins and minerals. Along with the Essential Formula, you will have the Vision Formula which is a thorough vision supplement. Later, we will provide a chelation supplement with L-citrulline which turns into another amino acid called L-arginine which produces a gas called nitric oxide.

The vision supplement which will include all the supplements that have been proven to be helpful for your eyes. Most vision supplements do not contain all the important ingredients like saffron or glutathione. We will not include the basic A, B, C, D, and E vitamins in this formula because they are already in the basic multi vitamin formula.

There are 3 other formulas in development. One will contain Omega 3s, one will contain probiotics, and the last will be to promote healthy cells which may prevent disease cells like cancer from spreading.

Our goal is to avoid duplication of ingredients in our supplements so that we can provide a more complete program without charging you for unnecessary duplication of ingredients.